At Spur we believe connecting people to your brand with honesty and meaning is the foundation for building a solid identity. We pride ourselves in being pioneers of design, branding, advertising, mobile & social, interactive marketing, strategy & planning.



Who is your target audience? What is your core message? What value does your organization provide? These are all questions you can expect to get asked at a consultation with us. When we have this information, we are better able to develop your campaign more effectively.



Our next step involves taking your core message and designing it in a way that is both visually pleasing and original. Whether through a brochure, website, or video, our eye for design gives you the edge to stand out in a crowd.



Finally, we take the rich content or campaign we’ve partnered with you to develop and get it in the right place. Facebook? YouTube? Ad placements? We’ve got the knowledge to put your advertising in front of those who need to see it.


There’s a cowboy in all of us, a part that longs to be free. A hunger for the open range, unconstrained by borders and fences. You know the way, if you really think about it. You’ve seen it in your dreams, heard it in the wind. Keep searching. Never settle.


Spur Creative Studios Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson
Creative Pioneer

Born on a hot October night deep in the backwoods of Texas, this cowpoke entered the world with pencil in hand. Doodler, designer, and straight-up idea wrangler, Kyle knows what it takes to tame the marketing wilderness. Graduating from Azusa Pacific University in 2006 with a BA in Graphic Design, Kyle has spent time throwing stacks of paper in a print shop, binding pallets for trade shows, and perfecting his trigger finger on a mouse. He can be found most nights either working tirelessly on a project or watching Mad Men with his wife and pup.

Spur Creative Studios Corey

Corey McStafford
Visual Outlaw

This guy is Oregon, born and bred. He was raised by northwest wolves deep in the Cascades, eventually emerging from the woods to attend Portland State University and earn both a BS in Marketing and Advertising (show off). This hustler can shoot video faster and better than any outlaw west of the Mississippi. He has a history of singing old western ballads at Dante's, and his passion for music shows in his work. When he's not lasso'ing film in the editing room, he can be found wandering the streets of Hawthorne.


Spur Creative Studios


Mary, Mary, quite contrary. She's got the aim to get the ads in the game. Her knowledge of placement opportunities make her the talk of the town.

Spur Creative Studios

3D Design

Holy cow! Is that really a giant lizard I'm seeing? Nope, it's one of Ray's creations. So real you can taste it.

Spur Creative Studios

Client Services

When you need someone to take the holster and shoot for you, call Corinne. She's wanted in 5 counties, and it ain't cuz she plays nice.

Spur Creative Studios


Damien's experience and strong background in directing and film-making make him the perfect fit for Spur's visual efforts. Plus, he's pretty good with a 6-shooter.


Spur Creative Studios The Dandy Warhols

Video Production, Creative Direction

Spur Creative Studios The Hard Rock Hotel

Branding, Advertising

Spur Creative Studios Mobile Museum Exhibit

Branding, Interactive


Spur Creative Studios FLIR Systems

Branding, Video Production, Web Development

Spur Creative Studios Colossae Church

Branding, Interactive

Spur Creative Studios Ergo Grips

Branding, Advertising


Spur Creative Studios Project119

Branding, Web Development

Spur Creative Studios

Branding, Advertising

Spur Creative Studios Branding Identity Logo Design

Logo Design, Branding

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